Professional Quality & Searchability

We scan your backlog of closed files and all new work generated thereafter. Scanned files are saved in searchable PDF format for easy and instant access. Never again travel to your storage facility, locate the correct box, and then flip through that box to find the document you need.


Security & Savings

Your current storage fees will be eliminated immediately and permanently. We safely store your files in our secure facility while they are being scanned. If you need to retain the paper version of your files, we can connect you to a better long-term solution with our partner company.


Preserve & Access

Scanned files are saved to an archival-grade DVD or hard drive, so you have a permanent copy of your data for future reference. With searchable electronic files, you and your staff will love the convenience, your clients will be impressed by your promptness, and your files will be protected.


Protection & Peace of Mind

We securely shred all files once they have been scanned, unless you wish to have the files returned to you. A Certificate of Destruction is provided upon completion for your records. Personal information stays protected, according to relevant legal restrictions.


  • Get your files off of the dark, dank basement floor and onto your network, where they will be easily found and in high quality
  • Look like a hero to your clients when you access their documents quickly and deliver them electronically
  • Protect your clients’ and employees’ personal information from spying eyes, fire, flood, or theft
  • Ensure compliance with legal and medical record-keeping rules
  • Save time and money storing your files on archival-quality electronic devices

ScanWorks is sensitive to the stress of daily legal obligations and the cost to maintain an office. You and your office can focus on doing what you do best while we take some of the repetitive and stressful tasks off your hands.

We are here to help you simplify office procedures and to use technology to its best efficiency.



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