“I recently decided to convert my practice’s patient charts into scannable images after running out of space in my file cabinets. This was a frightful thought, but after talking with the staff at ScanWorks my mind was put at ease. Their knowledge and experience made me feel comfortable that my files were in the right hands.

“Within a matter of 2 weeks, I had a readable hard drive containing all my files. These files were quickly imported into my software. This easily allows me to access my patients’ files electronically. When I am treating a patient, I simply click the “images” icon in my electronic software and I am able to review all of the information contained in the paper chart.

“Having electronic access to the charts has saved me a lot of time. This has also freed up space for my growing practice. ScanWorks has provided me a valuable service and peace of mind.

“Thank you ScanWorks.”

Dr. Brian Rosenzweig

Cranberry Family Dentistry