Scanning and Digitization for Manufacturers in Ohio

Scanning and Digitization for Manufacturers in Ohio

Turns out, manufacturers in Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and other communities across Northeast Ohio are just as “guilty” of generating scores and scores of papers, files, and records as other types of businesses. From the manufacturers we have worked with, including Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems, PPG, Theken NextStep, FD Johnson, Milan Tool, and Momentive Performance Materials, we can tell you that they have it all:
  • general project files
  • invoices
  • purchase orders
  • order forms
  • repair orders
  • work orders
  • testing analytics
  • part tags
  • internal memos
  • shipping orders
  • blueprints
  • oversized drawings
  • product pamphlets
  • technical manuals
  • product catalogs
As an attorney, I fully appreciate the commitment that project engineers and others have for retaining all of a manufacturer’s paperwork. It makes sense to keep any and all documentation that might help the staff perform their duties and ensure their customers’ satisfaction with the end product. But the thing I have learned by visiting many manufacturers across Ohio is that their operation is often spread across more than one facility. This means that paperwork generated in one facility is simply not accessible by staff in another facility. And this leads to a loss of productivity in multiple ways.
When a manufacturer’s records are not centrally located, staff spend time tracking down the right paperwork. They spend time getting the paperwork back where it belongs when they are done with it. Sometimes paperwork gets lost because it is moved around so much.
Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about….  I recently visited a manufacturer in the Cleveland area for purposes of providing a quote for the digitization of their files. In their current set-up, any employee needing access to any piece of paper over 2 months old needs to
physically leave his or her work area, don protective eyewear and footwear, traipse through the production facility out the back door, climb a set of rickety old stairs to a converted tractor-trailer, hope the key opens the rusty old lock, fling the heavy metal door open, and find the light switch buried behind the crammed shelving units. Then this lucky person gets to peer down this long aisle and start looking for the correct box, hoping s/he doesn’t have to move one of the 50-pound boxes stacked in the middle.

Then this fortunate person gets to flip through all the paper in the box measuring 22 inches long to find the right document. Then s/he gets to do the whole process in reverse–  turn off the light, lock the door, hold the railing down the rickety stairs, traipse through the factory, put away the protective eye and footwear, return to his/her work station.
This is a very time-intensive process, as you can well imagine. It also carries the potential for injuries. Neither staff nor management likes this set-up for a multitude of reasons.
The solution is easy– manufacturers should have their project files and internal records scanned into digital format. This places all paperwork at their fingertips with just a click of a mouse. It also preserves all documents permanently, allowing the manufacturer to meet retention requirements and enjoy peace of mind.
We are available to visit any manufacturer, factory, and industry in Ohio to discuss how to tailor a solution to their needs. Please call ScanWorks at 234-571-9501 or click here for a quick quote.


ScanWorks, LLC is owned and operated by Attorney Deb Monaco. As an attorney, Deb understands the difficulty of managing all of the paper generated in the course of business. Deb has a vision of providing businesses in all fields with a service that is affordable, yet personalized.

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