Digitizing Pharmacy Records

Digitizing Pharmacy Records

It seems the more we try to go paperless, the more paper we end up generating! And pharmacies across Northeast Ohio are no exception. Just the other day, I stopped at CVS to pick up a prescription and had to sign a piece of paper acknowledging my receipt thereof.

Now keep in mind, a very large portion of the medical industry has already gone electronic. My doctor submitted the prescription to CVS electronically and paper prescriptions are apparently very rarely generated. Yet here I am signing this paper of acknowledgement.

And the entire time the doctor was with me, she was in putting my information into her electronic records management system. However, I did fill out some paperwork in her lobby prior to my appointment.

ScanWorks is able to help fill the gaps as we attempt to move into a completely paperless society. We can digitize those prescription pick-up confirmation slips. We can scan those medical office patient forms. And of course, we can scan all health-related paperwork and medical documentation in between:

  • Insurance referrals
  • Medical billing documents
  • Explanation of benefits statements
  • Diagnostic pictures
  • Medical reports
  • Written diagnoses
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical orders
  • Insurance cards
  • Medicare verification

ScanWorks has helped medical practices, doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals located in Ohio as well as Pennsylvania. It would be our pleasure to discuss your digitization needs and how we can put technology to work for you.

With your pharmacy paperwork and medical files in electronic format, you can:

  • Save time- Stop chasing charts, click your mouse instead
  • Prevent errors- Easily reference patient’s full history
  • Comply with law- Meet record retention requirements
  • Save money- Enjoy reduced operational costs & record request costs
  • Enjoy peace of mind- Preserve important records permanently

We are here to help. Call us at 234-571-9501 or click here for a quick quote.


ScanWorks, LLC is owned and operated by Attorney Deb Monaco. As an attorney, Deb understands the difficulty of managing all of the paper generated in the course of business. Deb has a vision of providing businesses in all fields with a service that is affordable, yet personalized.

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