Digital Bates Numbering or Stamping Legal Documents for Lawyers

Digital Bates Numbering or Stamping Legal Documents for Lawyers

There are a lot of incidental services we offer our customers when they come to ScanWorks for document scanning. One of these is Bates stamping, also known as Bates numbering, Bates branding, Bates coding, and Bates labeling. You guessed it—named after Mr. Edwin Bates back in the hand-stamping days.


Today, Bates stamping is all digital. Bates numbering is used in the legal, business, and medical fields to digitally place identifying numbers and/or word combinations on documents as they are scanned. So even if the pages are from several different documents, we can digitally number them sequentially to make it easier for the end-users to reference the same page. Attorneys in particular find this very useful in large-scale litigation where thousands of pages can be grouped into one document.

Below are some screenshots showing some examples of Bates stamping. There are quite a lot of ways to configure the content of the digital stamp.

Here’s an example of straight numbering (think of the rectangles you see as the lower portion of the pages):

Here’s an example of the case name plus numbering:

Even if you are not a lawyer needing Bates numbering on legal documents, you may have a use for this service. Please call us at 234-571-9501 if you have a document scanning project where Bates stamping may be appropriate and helpful. We are happy to tailor a solution to your needs. You can also click here for a Quick Quote.


ScanWorks, LLC is owned and operated by Attorney Deb Monaco. As an attorney, Deb understands the difficulty of managing all of the paper generated in the course of business. Deb has a vision of providing businesses in all fields with a service that is affordable, yet personalized.

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