Business Survival 101

Business Survival 101

The U.S. National Archives & Records Administration states that 60 percent of companies that lose their company files are out of business within six months of the disaster.

Could this happen to your business?

Have you honestly evaluated what risks your office is subject to?


+ Flooding

+ Water damage from water main breaks or faulty sprinkler system

+ Fire

+ Wind damage (hurricane season started June 1)

+ Theft by an employee

+ Theft from breaking & entering

+ What else?

And what are you going to do about it?  It can be overwhelming, of course, to contemplate a plan of action. But all you have to do today is take one baby step. And then spend 15 minutes a day on another baby step.

Here are some suggestions on how to get started on a business disaster prevention plan

1. Make a list of everything you have on hand. Try to be specific as to what types of business files you have and where they are physically located.

2. To your list, add the period of time you are legally required to keep such files. There are lots of free resources online if you do not have in-house counsel or access to this type of legal advice.

3. Add whether you must keep physical hard copies or whether maintaining them in digital format is permissible. It is amazing how quickly various industries have embraced digitization of company documents.

4. Add your own wishes. Do you want the paper version longer than legally required? Do you want digital versions so that your company files are available at the click of a mouse?

5. Make a decision which business records you will have scanned into digital format.

6. Determine which company data should be converted into electronic format first. What do you reference most often? What data would you be doomed without?

7. Then prioritize the rest of your list.

8. Call ScanWorks at 234-571-9501 for a quote or click here.

Doesn’t that sound manageable? Yes. The answer is yes!


ScanWorks, LLC is owned and operated by Attorney Deb Monaco. As an attorney, Deb understands the difficulty of managing all of the paper generated in the course of business. Deb has a vision of providing businesses in all fields with a service that is affordable, yet personalized.

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