Document Scanning for Lawyers

Document Scanning for Lawyers

I used to practice law. And I was in a particularly paper intensive area of the law as a family law lawyer with a concentration in divorces, dissolutions, child custody, and domestic violence cases. As much as the world has gone digital, it still seemed we generated a mountain of paper in nearly every case. There are were pleadings, discovery requests, correspondence, exhibits, and more. As you can imagine, a busy law practice could accumulate shelves and shelves and cabinets and cabinets of client files in a short period of time.
Periodically, I would need to reference a closed case. Perhaps it was because my client wanted to see a particular document again. Or because there was further litigation in the case. A staff member or I would need to find the right box, find the client file within it, and leaf through stacks and stacks of papers until the requested information was located. Then there was the matter of copying it and mailing it where it needed to go, or scanning and emailing it to the right person. Then we had to be sure to get those documents back into the client file. This was a time and labor intensive task.
I got to the point where I realized it would ultimately save time and money if all of my legal files were digitized. But, as it happens, my staff was busy serving current clients and it became nearly impossible to find the time for them to scan the backlog of client files.
Once I started ScanWorks, I almost immediately had my staff scan my legal client records into digital format. I have had at least one request every year to produce part or all of the original file. And what a simple matter that now it is! The files are literally available at my fingertips. And I have so much peace of mind knowing that the work I did has been preserved permanently. I feel I have protected myself against malpractice claims.
I understand though that the average lawyer is not running her own document scanning service. And I understand the process of scanning all those old files can seem daunting. One thing that ScanWorks is able to offer to its customers, is the ability to tackle the backlog a little at a time. We are happy to pick up boxes of client files on a regular schedule, or on a periodic basis. This spreads out the cost and reduces stress to the attorney.
We are happy to tailor a scanning project in any way that makes our customers excited about the digitization process. Please call ScanWorks at 234-571-9501 or click here for a quick quote.


ScanWorks, LLC is owned and operated by Attorney Deb Monaco. As an attorney, Deb understands the difficulty of managing all of the paper generated in the course of business. Deb has a vision of providing businesses in all fields with a service that is affordable, yet personalized.

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